September 21, 2011

Sofa Make Over

I needed a sofa or similar to display cushions on for the shop, I always think cushions look great piled up. So I borrowed this old cane sofa from Sam's conservatory.

looking vaguely better after I removed the leaves and spider webs, but not by much
prettier after I wrapped the squab in Colefax & Fowler Bowood Linen
then I piled it up with cushions

I love this hand stitched bird vintage blanket cushion

the triangle cushion is one of two original 50's cushions - v fabulous

love the cameos they make such a great feature cushion
Pretty! :)


  1. That's haut! Loving your work as always. xxx

  2. Thanks Jo, that means a lot cause you are the cleverest stylist I know in real life ;) xxx

  3. I love the idea of putting pillows on the sofa. It makes more attractive. It's very compelling to the eyes.

  4. You did great in doing some make overs on your sofa. The pillows make the sofa more compelling indeed. By the way, I love the design of your pillow case. I look forward to seeing new more designs and makeovers from your blog.

  5. Are those made up of rattan? I love the combination of wood and cushion. That sure is a fun and very hip set of chairs. Awesome job!

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  6. Hi Scott, the sofa is rattan the cushions are made from cotton and wool, made locally here in the Wairarapa :)


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