July 21, 2012

London Adventures - Columbia Road Flower Market

Last weekend as the showers held off, my friend Sarah & I headed to Columbia Road Flower Market

A crazy mass of what feels like hundreds of sellers, all vying for your custom. You go for the humour as much as the plants & flowers. As the day goes on and the sellers want to quit their wares, you here shouts of 'everyfink a fiver'! Brilliant.

Columbia Road on a Sunday is not only packed with stalls, but positively heaving with people, you can barely move.

Oh but its worth it when you see the plants and flowers on offer.

But not only that, lining Columbia Road on both sides, is an incredible collection of independant shops, boutiques and cafes.

I rather fancied this set of table & chairs - great colour

every window tempts in you inside

But the shops are just as busy as the street

One of my favourite shops was Jessie Chorley & Buddug Humphries - 'The Shop'
an amazing mix of imaginative upcycling

Back on the street there is so much to catch you eye, it really is a feast for the senses

Its so easy to get pulled back into the shops, when each one is full to the brim with gorgeous goodies

I had my eye on these enamel jugs on the top shelf - rather fabulous

You are always aware of the market just outside the window, beckoning you back

Window shopping is such fun

Another favourite place was Suck & Chew - old fashioned style sweets, in a 
proper old fashioned style shop

I knew as soon as I looked through the window it was my kinda shop

Vintage royal tins filled with sweets - what a great present
a wonderful interior fit out, that showcases the amazing sweets and there were some divine
looking goodies on offer. I went home with a bag of fizzy melon/lemon drops and tangy apple squares YUM

I highly recommend a visit

So long Columbia Road, I will be back.

July 14, 2012

London Adventures - Eltham Palace

Last weekend, I did one of my favourite things, visiting a historic house and garden; and what better place to visit than Eltham Palace

Sometimes the getting there is part of the experience. My friend Sarah and I walked from where she lives in South East London, along the green chain walkway to Eltham.

I love these hidden green spaces in busy old London

calm and tranquil

with views of the city beyond

and gorgeous feisty horses

Mama and foal

the suburb of Eltham that has built up around Eltham Palace is green and very pretty

incredible houses

and finally we arrived, this is the bridge across the moat to Eltham, you can just see the house

A beautiful Art Deco extravaganza, built onto a the remains of Henry the VIII childhood home. 

from the classical exterior you come into this extraordinary entrance hall, its like being in a ship, beautiful!

The sumptuous dinner room with gold leaf ceiling designed to reflect its warmth and flatter the diners

wonderful circular bedrooms

my favourite room, her glorious bathroom. The hidden panel in the corner is a door
that the maid would nip through to run the bath, without disturbing the lady of the house

Art deco splendor with gold mosaics

his bedroom, with wonderful wall frieze

and a hidden door through to his bathroom

love the colours

inside the banqueting hall, the only remaining piece of Henry VIII childhood home

And of course there are the gardens, built around the original palace ruins

A great day out, I highly recommend it!