November 10, 2011

Time for Tea!

Harney & Sons Fine Teas produce quality loose leaf teas and supply Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants and Gourmet Food stores around the world. One can't help but be impressed by their look, smell and taste! 

These beautiful classic tins contain 20 unwrapped 
pyramid silken sachets of the most traditional blends.
Showcase them in your kitchen and impress even the fussiest of tea drinking guest!

Darjeelings mixture of teas from the Himalayas, yields a light colour and a fragrant nose.
A very popular tea.

From Oregon comes a marvellous, brisk peppermint.
The peppermint leaves from this area produce a great smelling and crisp tasting tisane.

A blend of Japanese Bancha with citrus flavour and orange flowers.
A gentle introduction to green tea.

For the connoisseur, Earl Grey Supreme,
which uses a premium set of teas with the addition of Ceylon vintage silver tips.

A fruity black tea with a hint of lemony bergamot.

A delightful blend of white tea with Vanilla & Almonds;
the perfect addiction to any Christmas event!

Take your favourite tea "along" with you in your handbag or jacket pocket by using these handy little tins; each Tagalong tin contains 5 pyramid silken sachets.
Black tea with lemony bergamot

Chinese black tea with honey flavour
Green tea infused with orange oil

Wedding tea is an elegant and beautiful blend
Chinese Mutan White tea is infused with a hint of lemon-vanilla,
and then pink rosebuds are added, to represent the bloom of new love.

The beautiful vintage style tin makes a great gift, is a beautiful table centre-piece,
and of course is the perfect drink to serve at a bridal shower. Large tin $32.00

These unique wedding tagalongs make delightful wedding favours.
Mutan white tea with vanilla and rose buds & petals
Make summer ultimately refreshing with iced tea!
This summer, freshly brewed iced tea may be just the taste you're seeking! Harney & Sons blend and pack their Iced Tea using hand-picked full leaf Chinese teas and quality flavours. These are the same teas served in the finest hotels and restaurants around the world.

Each tin contains 6 pouches and each pouch brews approximately one liter of iced tea,
or for a single cup, use one heaped teaspoon full.
A hibiscus blend rich with ruby red raspberry notes. Naturally caffeine free.
Iced Tea with notes of ripe peaches and hand-picked full leaf Organic Chinese black tea
combined together for a refreshing tea with sweet earthy tones.
Iced Tea handpicked full-leaf Ceylon black tea,
decaffeinated and masterfully blended with sweet passionfruit for a fresh tropical twist.
Iced Tea - the extra large leaves of Ti Quan Yin Oolong
are deliciously infused with tangy pomegranate to create this inspiring blend.

Delicious, I know what I'm gonna be drinking this summer :)