February 16, 2011

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty

I just had to share with you my new favourite jewellery, its divine and exclusive to hope & glory!

The gorgeous Flower Garden Necklace

super cute Colour Wheel Necklace

Madeleine Necklace

Beautiful Blushing Necklace

Fabulous Miranda Long Necklace

Cameo Necklace

Simply lovely White Rose Necklace

Emma Charm Necklace - so pretty!

Adorable Paris Charm Necklace

Simple & Fabulous Peony Necklace
Pressed Plastic Flower with gold filled chain

Incredible Gold plated Bella Headband

Funky Long Feather Headband

Gorgeous Green Cameo Earrings

Pretty Mabel Earrings

Super Seafoam Earrings

Sunshine Earrings!
Really could it BE any prettier! For more images and info, check out the h&g facebook page :)