October 30, 2010

'tis the season......

.....for peonies - hurray!

One of my favourite seasons - Liliac - as just finished, beautiful, heavenly fragrant and all too fleeting.

thanks Martha

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ahhhh can't you just smell there from there. For most of the season I had a gorgeous big bunch on my desk at the shop - heaven.

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and so now its peony season, happy days! As I love them SO much, I'm now selling them instore at weekends, so if you're in Martinborough, pop in for a lovely bunch to enjoy at home. The season starts with the richer, darker colours and then later come the soft pinks and whites - lovely to have an arch of beautiful colours to look forward to!

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I love this idea with the frame, very fabulous

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aren't we lucky to have such gorgeousness grown right here in the Wairarapa. I plan to have seasonal flowers in the shop year round, so if you grow or know someone who does contact me!

October 25, 2010

Vintage Humour

h&g is now stocking the Anne Taintor range of vintage humour products, such fun.

From magnets, coasters, to nail files and lip balm - classic vintage ladies teamed up with spot on today's humour.

doesn't she looks like Alison Holst's twin!

I had to get this as I SO don't do camping!
Each lovely lady, was a 'real' person and I love that their back story is celebrated on the Anne Taintor website.

"Susann Shaw arrived in New York City in 1937 at age 17 with no money and an eagerness to prove herself. She had been raised in boarding schools and, while she lacked the support of a family, she was intelligent and hard-working. She found a room at the YWCA and a job in a secretarial pool. She remembers the City then as being so bright and lively and clean.
Susann’s fellow secretaries urged her to become a model; she assumed they were just trying to be nice to her! But on June 27, 1938, the very day Susann was married, her new husband drove her to the Fifth Avenue address of the John Robert Powers Modeling Agency and asked his young bride to go up and try her luck. Unassuming Susann was easily discouraged by the haughty receptionist, but when she was halfway back out the door she heard a man’s voice: “Hey you! Miss! Wait!” Although, as Susann recalls, she had been brought up to ignore the calls of strange men something made her turn around......"
To read the rest of Susann's story click here

October 12, 2010

BIG ideas for little people

h&g is very proud to be the Wairarapa stockist of the Tea Pea range. These lovely products made by the very clever Meg in Wellington could not be sweeter! Beautifully finished, in gorgeous fabrics and great colour combinations.

For babies very practical changing mats $49

100% Cotton on one side and waterproof fabric backing on the other. Ribbon tie attachment for easy folding, closing and popping in your bag. This is the perfect stylish new Mum gift. Approximate size: 50cm x 42cm

Woodlands Change Mat

Carnival Change Mat

Stella Change Mat

Cheerful Chirpy Change Mat

Red Spot Change Mat

Airplane Change Mat

Keep babies entertained with these fantastic Snugglies! $39

Cotton front with cuddly, super soft backing for babies to snuggle. Ribbons, triple stitched around the edge; lots of texture and colour to explore & play with. Light wieght and easy to hold, these are the perfect newborn gift. 

Airplane Snugglie

Blue Spot Snugglie

Sheriff Snugglie

Red Dot Snugglie

Chirpy Cheerful Snugglie

Stella Snugglie

Annabelle Snugglie
Stella Snugglie

Now I'm a BIG kid pillowcases $49

Celebrate the graduation to the 'big kids' bed with this gorgeous pillowcases. Lovely soft 100% cotton, with fabric applique, adds colour and style to any bed, for kids young and old!

Stella Pillowcase

Chirpy Cheerful

Airplane Pillowcase

Sheriff Pillowcase

Cowboy Pillowcase

Transport Pillowcase

more lovelies from Tea Pea will be introduced in time, so check back or contact me for more options.

October 6, 2010

How to clean everything!

I found this book on my travels, I was intending to sell it in the store, but its so darn good I'm gonna hang onto it myself!

What a great name the author has, Alma Chesnut Moore, you couldn't make that up!

A load of new GREAT vintage books now in store, come in and check it out :)