June 29, 2011

hope & glory is moving to Greytown!!!

Very excited to announce that the shop is relocating!!!

We will be at 95 Main Street, Greytown - just two doors down from the Town Hall/Library

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The new store is much bigger and has a series of rooms that will be zoned for different experiences. Also BIG news is we are sharing the space with The Toolbox Petone, who are opening a Greytown branch. The Toolbox is a guys paradise, a mix of vintage tools, hi-fi, coffee machines, watches etc and in the Greytown branch Sam is adding - retro furniture, lighting, glassware to name a few. It will be a great place to leave your chap happily engrossed while you have a lovely time in h&g without a bored man in tow!

All going well we will open Saturday 9th of July - crossing fingers and toes for that one as there is LOADS to do. We have been hard at work demolishing, cleaning, building, filling, sanding and painting, painting, painting......

Here are a couple of progress pics to whet your appetite.....

how the main space was looking yesterday with one coat of Resene Gulf Stream

the main space looking towards the front door and windows

the gallery/hall this now has a peg board taking up most of the right hand wall
this leads to the Tool area/Man Cave :)

the man cave! Loads has happened out here, to find out more.....
check out the h&g before and progress pictures on our Facebook Page

and I have made a video walk through so you can see where we are at as of yesterday.

more coming soon!

Vanya :)

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