June 11, 2011

hope & glory adornment - 'fashioned by'

Really thrilled to be able to tell you about my new venture - drum roll please.........
hope & glory adornment

This incorporates a number of different jewellery ranges.

The first is the 'fashioned by' hope & glory, this is a range of pieces designed and assembled in NZ by me! Quite exciting its by first foray my own jewellery designs, I'm starting with rings and building it up from there. Made using vintage and modern components.

Here is a wee taster of the filigree rings: (all adjustable and very light to wear)

The vintage pearl collection

Lost in Space!

The jewelled collection

Fabulous Flowers

For more information, images and prices check out the h&g facebook page

The 'Cherry Picked' by hope & glory jewellery range coming soon!


  1. Can I buy these online? So pretty!

  2. hi ya, so glad you like them :)

    Not quite got my online store sorted yet, but you can call me in the shop, let me know which you'd like and I can easily process the payment for you.

    06 306 8834


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