November 19, 2010

Turkish Lacework Jewellery

Stunning White Daisy Chocker
NZD $81

h&g is seriously excited to be the exclusive New Zealand stockist for Turkish Lace Jewellery. I found this amazing supplier when I was living in London and hung onto their catalogue for many years, knowing that some day I would be able to use it and now Ta-Da its stocked in the shop!

These incredible pieces are individually handmade in Turkey, using the centuries old techniques. They are created by knotting cotton thread with a small needle. The history of Turkish Needlework, also known as Needle lace, goes back to the roots of Turkish traditional hand crafts and society. Flower designs, go back to a time when women would make keepsakes for their husbands in times of war.

Men would traditionally wear Needle Lace in elaborate headbands. Using the rich colours of the Turkish landscape and flowers, these headbands would act as camouflage.

Women, would use Needle Lace as a way of thinking about their husbands and loved ones. The needlework was made with love and still is today. This lovely range of jewellery is a wonderful way to keep this incredible handcraft tradition alive and bring it to a new generation. 

So here is a little peek at some of the pretty pieces I have in store.

Lace & Chain red ball necklace

Lace & chain aqua ball necklace

Berry Necklace
NZD $81

pretty fuchsia brooch

could this be any cuter!
Lady Bird Brooch

with matching lady bird earrings!
Blue/White Daisy Trio Ring
lovely Aqua/Green ball long earrings

Lime/Blue ball long earrings

Daisy Earrings

with adorable matching Daisy Ring

Rings are washable and will spring back to life, minus the dirt! All have adjustable ring size.
purple flower ring

Aqua Trio Ball Ring

Blue/White Trio Daisy Ring

To see more of the range click here, if there is something you love, have to have and can't live without I am very happy to get it in for you :)

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  1. Oh my goodness! That's seriously gorgeous! Loving the daisy ring and the ladybug brooch! xxx


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