November 20, 2010

Cover yourself in Roses & Bluebells

What better way to celebrate all the delicious flowers of Spring/Summer, than to wear their fragrance all the time. h&g now has more delicious Cath Kidston body products in store.

Luscious Rose Lip Gloss

Beautiful Rose Bath Powder

Gorgeous Rose Shower Gel
spoil your guests with these divine guest soaps
available as a pack or singly
the ultimate manicure set
with hand cream, cuticle cream, soap and polka dot nail file!

to see more of the lovely rose range available click here

or relive the joys of spring with the scent of bluebells!
rich & gorgeous bluebell hand balm

a great gift pack
Bluebell Shower Gel & Body Cream

and even your clothes can smell divine with Bluebell Scented Hangers
ah Cath, what can't you do?!

to have a look inside Cath Kidston's incredible London home, click here!

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