February 14, 2012

Stamps Glorious Stamps

There are such a great range of stamp sets in the shop at the moment, I love stamps, such fun and you can be so creative with them.

Alphabet Stamps
The original and still very popular upper case stamp set, with numbers & grammar

now available the upper & lower case set, with numbers & grammar

You can have alot of fun with alphabet stamps

Filigree Stamps

six beautiful designs
$10 each

Multi-Stamp Sets

Cute little tin of foam and rubber stamps, in a range of themes

Little Kids

Lovely animals

Circus, in two different designs



Mountain Birds

and the latest addition is......

Alice in Wonderland & Wizard of Oz stamps!

Wooden & rubber Alice in Wonderland stamp set
 four stamps per set, four different sets available

Wizard of Oz stamp sets - four stamps per set, four different sets available

Happy Stamping :)

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