December 27, 2010

Cameo Earrings Winner - Diane Massey-Molloy!

Thanks to all the lovely people who signed up to follow the blog, hope you enjoy the journey!

The winner follow is the lovely Diane Massey-Molloy, which is really nice as not only is Diane super gorgeous and sweet, but she also supplies the most beautiful fabric corsages to the shop.

image Massey-Molloy Tailoring
Diane was recently on the cover of Wellington's FishHead magazine, looking very glam

image FishHead
Thanks for being a lovely follower & supplier Di, will send these off to you soon :)

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  1. How exciting and they look gorgeous!I can't wait to wear them. Your beautiful blog is always full of inspirational ideas and lovely things to buy. Well done and Merry Christmas, Diane Massey-Molloy. xx


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