September 11, 2010

h&g Spring/Summer '10 Inspiration

The inspiration for hope & glory for the upcoming seasons of warmth and sunshine (fingers crossed!) is 50's pastels and english florals. How do I make the decisions for the shop's direction? Its all about what I'm loving right now! This feels like the most authentic way to lead the shop, especially, as from the beginning I decided to only stock things I love and would have in my own home.

So to give you a visual idea of my inspiration, without further ado....

50's inspired pastels and brights

picture credits 1-4, 6, 8, 9, 11 unknown
5 - Martha Stewart
7 - Fryd
10 - Coastal Living
12 - via Bliss

English Florals

image credits
1 - House to Home
2, 5, 6 - unknown
3 - via Brabourne Farm
7 - Domino via Dress Design Decor
8 - House & Garden

Flowers, Flowers and more flowers

image credits
1-3, 5-7 unknown
4 - Adamle Photographique

Doilies (of course!) and summer fruit


image credits
1&3 unknown
2 - oh hello friend

and of course vintage and general fabulousness 

image credits
1-3 unknown
4 - Miamizeiss
5 - Coastal Living
6 - Norman Parkinson Photography via fffound

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  1. Oh wow my love. This is sooooo amazing! I totally get where you are heading and I LOVE it! Well done baby baby. xxx


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