June 6, 2010


Hi there

Thanks so much for popping by H&G, make yourself comfortable and enjoy.

We opened for the first time on Saturday, after the painting dramas I was running behind schedule and still pricing as people came through the door! But it was wonderful, so many lovely people popped in to say hi and admire and some very lovely people bought things - HOORAY! The first sale was to a very sweet girl who bought a silver plate filigree tray, v exciting.

So with out further ado I give you - HOPE & GLORY.....

H&G is in this lovely old station hotel building, ground floor where you see the blue awnings. More of the exterior soon, once I have my own awning up and have painted windows & door

incredible Art Deco walnut veneer table plus six chairs, is the centre piece of the shop

glorious Manuel Canovas banner & walnut cocktail cabinet ground the space nicely

beautiful Colefax silk banner leads the eye to the china cabinet, with colourful kids items, sumptuous fabrics, luxurious scarves and general gorgeousness

the pretty corner, with the ultimate silk hostess apron, lace work table cloth to set the scene

the front door will be the same green as the walls as soon as it stops raining.......

the fun and pretty corner, the stereo will be hidden, the bottom of the unit will be hung with fabric

here you will find pretty china, gorgeous cards, heavenly brooches and colourful stationary to name but a few
Hope you enjoyed your brief tour, more photos of the delicious stock coming soon!

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